Wine, cakes and sweet-toothed demons.

The wand wields clouds-full of magic
Do you see the fireworks in the sky?
They even make happiness look tragic

The world has changed so much.
Pristine whites are stained and it pours when it rains
marbles reek of darkness, but who’s to blame?

The last I checked, we conversed in words
now I double tap to show you my love
My heart bleeds and tears escape my eyes
the tags become treacherous, the screen screams lies

Your lyrics are music to my ears,
the pauses, even more crystal clear
Can you see me, do you see me under the makeup?
My contour costs more than your heart does

You wake up to sadness, to running out of charge
I caress you with my promises, my virtual wisdom
Can you see through me,
do you see through me yet?

Every time you look into that coffee mug, you watch a floating past
memories of marmalade, minute-long kisses and paper bills.
a cigarette in one hand, you keep adding to the cart
heartbreak retails for free, It’s not smoking that kills

You long for the whiff of supermarkets, of sweat mingled with appliances
of babies crying and aisles full of rickety baskets.
Now, your will’s out of business and your wallet’s shut shop
plastic money’s your girlfriend, a digital romance moves your clock

The pristine whites are stained, ivories are off tune

“when did colour change colour?” she asked.

And the cellphone answered. It didn’t know.
so she went on with life, never questioned again

Now she’s just a mirror image of what she used to be
until they decided to Google her and set her free.



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