He sat on the floor,
Legs, aching, throbbing from his ten minutes on the treadmill.
It was one of those days, maybe a Wednesday, when life seems like a never-ending ordeal.
He got up, stretched his arms, holding them up in front of him, fingers entwined.

He was fed up. Tired of everything. Even the Glucon-D box was empty, lest for a few ants stuck like glue, juicing up all the flaky sweetness of the pack.

Just then, the phone rang. Was it the landline? It sounded so odd. Like a newborn’s first wail cutting through the nursing home, disrupting the inherent peace of a monotonous life.

“She’s gone, couldn’t make it through the night.”

His mother. she was gone, she couldn’t make it through the night.

He put down the phone, immediately, and went back to sitting on the floor.

His legs, at ease. The ache had surprisingly disappeared. Muscles relaxed, he felt refreshed.

Finally, it was over.

And there it was, a whatsapp message from Ravi, the love of his life.

He could finally tell him. Tell him they were free.




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